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Indivd applies for new patents and expand the patent portfolio


Indivd expands the patent portfolio with a new patent application which includes the analysis of the anonymous data. Indivd has previously filed a patent for gathering insights through a new type of anonymous people counting in stores. 


- We have the opportunity to patent our analysis of anonymous data, thanks to our unique anonymization technique which has gotten in a green light International patent review. The analysis of our gathered anonymous population data gives insights about interactions, movement, and behaviors, says Leonard Johard, Head of AI and Lead Scientist at Indivd. 


The new patent is about the analysis of the gathered population data. How we, with the help of anonymous data can create insights in e.g. store environments, recreate interactions, movement, behaviors, revisitation frequency, dwell time in stores, interest for specific products, conversion in-store or connect conversion from specific zones in the store. 


- We have also submitted a PCT, next to the Swedish patent application, while in parallel preparing for international patent applications, says Leonard Johard. 


At a so-called PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty), an international search and patent review of the PRV (Patent and Registration Office) is conducted together with an assessment based on news value, innovation height, and industrial usability.


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