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11 reasons why Indivd's people counter is the most superior for shops

There are many reasons why shops find value in using people counters. This includes knowing who your customers are, understanding their behaviours, optimising your staffing schedules, increasing sales, streamlining marketing, understanding how effective your strategies are and much more. But what makes a people counter particularly suitable for shops?


Our journey started in 2017 as a humanitarian, self-funded research project committed to creating better conditions for brick-and-mortar businesses. This was partly because we had purchased some people counters and realised they did not really provide a solution to the problems at hand, but particularly because they did not address the issues around integrity.


A study in 2019 by Retail Academics Research Institute showed that stores and sites don't even have access to 77.22% of the total insight they need. Neither are they designed to increase digital maturity among store or mall operators.


That's why we, for several years now, have researched and patented a new people counter that helps stores and sites become more digitally mature. This is critical for their future prosperity.

Indivd's people counters provides shops with:

  1. More reliable insights
  2. The lowest price in the market
  3. A user-friendly platform
  4. Target group analyses
  5. A better understanding of the customer journey
  6. Access to benchmark insights
  7. An opportunity to optimise sales and marketing
  8. Integration to incumbent business systems
  9. Increased internal efficiency
  10. The only available GDPR-proof people counter
  11. A future-proof solution

1. More reliable insights

All suppliers of people counters argue their system has the highest accuracy, over 99%. High accuracy doesn't mean you necessary can rely on the insights. Further, the accuracy has not been proven in real-life environments. But it's even more complicated than that.  That's why we - through several studies - have tested, challenged, and compared our system in real-life environments with real-life scenarios.


More reliable insights help you getting to know your target groups and ideal customers better and to have an enhanced understanding of your customers' journeys. In turn, this will help you understand your real conversion rate.

2. The lowest price in the market

There is a significant price gap between different suppliers. The average price for a people counter is SEK 9,229 per counter and year. Our price is at least 59% lower than the average and no less than 30% lower than the second-lowest price. 


The reason why we can offer a better price than everyone else is that our people counter is designed to optimise scalability and efficiency. A lower price per people counter leads to a lower total cost, meaning you instead can use your money to invest in sustainability.

3. User-friendly platform

Our software is developed in collaboration with leading retailers and retailer-partners ensuring the platform is as user-friendly as possible. This collaboration forms the basis for our product development.

4. Efficient target group analyses

With Indivd you can carry out effective target group analyses and use target groups for segmentation. It enables you to understand the effectiveness and results of your strategies and products among your priority target groups.


Target group analyses can also be used to better optimise your marketing. We'll get back to that in more detail below.

5.Understanding your customers' journeys

Our people counter enables you to understand your customers' journeys, i.e. the existing situation and how it can be improve. Customer journeys are descriptions of where, when, and how your customers experience your space, which forms the basis for how to improve it.

6. Compare your results with benchmark insights

Use the benchmark insights in our platform to appreciate the importance and relevance of your results. and easily share and compare them with other stores in your organisation, mall, city centre or in other places or spaces. 


Without benchmark insights your results don't really tell you much. You don't know if they are acceptable or if they need to be improved.

7. Optimised sales and marketing

The added value you get from Indivd's insights allows you to make both your sales and marketing more efficient.


An example is to compare the results of your marketing for the same time period with the space/shop you're promoting. This gives you insights as to whether more customers from your target group actually visited your shop more and if they actually walked up to the space in your shop where the products were displayed.

8. Integration to other business systems

Integrate your business system and people counter and be able to perform comprehensive analyses covering both your online and offline channels. Or integrate your payment system and monitor your conversion rate by the hour, day, week, and month.

9. Increased internal efficiency

Apart from enabling data-driven decision-making, you are also able to easily understand and monitor the effectiveness of the changes you implement in your shop/mall. An idea is to invite suppliers, consultants and employees and encourage them too to add more value based on your insights.

10. The only GDPR-proof people counter in the market.

Indivd's people counter is the only one on the market approved by the Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection for use in physical shops. We are the only European supplier who is GDPR prepared with focus on IT security, audits and anonymisation.


All the above means you have a future-proof solution based on ethical cutting-edge technology.

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