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12 reasons why malls benefit from using Indivd's people counter

Many malls and shopping centres today use people counters; however, some have decided to remove their counting systems.


Malls usually use people counters to gain an understanding of how many people walk into their space. It usually gives them an indication of how popular the mall is and how many visitors each store can expected to get.


However, a mall can not necessarily rely on such insights today. People walk into a mall for different reasons and they represent a different value for the different stores and the mall. Some visitors only walk through the shops without stopping, some come in for a meal, others use it as a meeting point but move on when they've found their friend, some do their grocery shopping there while others shop for clothes.


In addition, a mall usually has several entrances and exits. Some exits can be located through a shop or a restaurant. For all these reasons, the insights often become skewed and unreliable.


That's why we in 2017 started as a humanitarian, self-funded research project dedicated to creating a better situation for physical stores and malls.  This was partly because we had purchased some people counters and realised they did not really provide a solution to the problems at hand, but particularly because they did not address the issues around integrity.


A study in 2019 by Retail Academics Research Institute showed that stores and malls don't even have access to 77.22% of the total insight they need. Neither are they designed to increase digital maturity among store or all operators.


That's why we, for several years now, have researched and patented a new people counter that helps stores and malls become more digitally mature. This is critical for their future prosperity.

Indivd's people counters provide malls with:

  1. An increased understanding of their visitors
  2. An increased understanding of their tenants
  3. A more streamlined organisation
  4. Lower costs than their current level
  5. Better collaboration and value-creation with the shops
  6. Improved profitability and relevance
  7. The opportunity to contribute to increased efficiency and profitability for the stores
  8. The opportunity to create a more attractive offering to their tenants
  9. The ability to do holistic analyses with integrations
  10. Access to benchmark insights
  11. The safest and most secure people counter on the market
  12. A future-proof solution

1. An increased understanding of your visitors

You will gain an understanding of how many visitors you get through your door, but that's not all. You will also be able to monitor customer journeys, understand what type of customers they are, when they visit you and how long they stay in your space. 


You will also get an insight to the purpose of their visit, such as how many of them are there to shop, which stores they visit and how many are just passing through. And will be able to see how long they stay in your space.


AB testing the store mix, open spaces and brands, allows you to create a better customer experience, create more efficient processes and ensure that you increase profitability and sustainability on an ongoing basis.

2. Better understanding of your tenants

With increased insights about your visitors and the purpose of their visit, you also gain a better understanding of your tenants.


You will learn which store-mix is most relevant to your mall visitors, and further, which type of data-driven communities that best provide a picture of who the mall's visitors are and thus how the shop owners can create more value in their stores and attract a larger proportion of the total visitors. This builds a better and more relevant customer experience for all your visitors.


It also becomes easier to optimise your marketing, understand how effective it is, if it reaches the right target group and what proportion of the intended target group that actually purchase the promoted products.

3. A more streamlined organisation

Besides enabling stronger data-driven decision-making, you will also better capture and monitor the effectiveness of the changes you implement in your premises. A suggestion is to invite your suppliers, consultants, employees, and store owners to take part of your insights and thus create more value for themselves and each other.

4. Lower costs

There is a significant price gap between different suppliers. The average price for a people counter is SEK 9,229 per counter and year. Our price is at least 47.97% lower than the average and no less than 15% lower than the second lowest price. 


Another advantage with Indivd is its detection range which is 3-5 times larger than others'. This means you will not need as many people counters as otherwise. 


The reason why we can offer a better price than everyone else is that our people counter is designed to optimise scalability and efficiency. A lower price per people counter leads to a lower total cost, meaning you instead can use your money to invest in sustainability.

5. Better collaboration and value-creation with the shops

Indivd's feature of creating digital communities, allows you to invite stores to share insights with you. This is an incentive to collaborate and create a more attractive common space, but also for the shop owners to invest more in their stores. 


Both the mall and the stores gain a broad understanding of all visitors' customer journeys and the different target groups that come to the mall. You will easily see how certain strategies affect the entire visitor experience.

6. Improved profitability and relevance

By making use of your best value-creating insights and gaining an understanding of how profitable and effective your strategies are, you will be able to increase both the mall's profitability and relevance. That applies to investments in the environment, as well as in marketing, events, shop-mix and more.

7. Contribute to increased efficiency and profitability for the stores

Indivd provides an understanding to why people come into to your malls and to your tenants, and further what the visitors' journeys looks like, as well as the interaction between your tenants. This will further assist your stores to become more involved in the improvement work and better understand how relevant your stores are to visitors and how they can increase their relevance.

8. Create a more attractive offering to your tenants

Better information makes it easier to work with rental optimisations and the possibility of data-driven collaboration with and between stores.


You help your stores reduce the time they spend collecting data, as data collection happens through communities. Our customer insights are used to create value for all departments and to optimise the entire life cycle for physical stores. We do our best to clarify all the commercial issues you have in relation to your respective roles.

9. The ability to do holistic analyses with integrations

Integrate your business system and have the option of carrying out comprehensive analyses and to take the store's sales figures or other marketing tool into account

10. Access to benchmark insights

Use the benchmark insights in our platform to appreciate the importance and relevance of your results. That way, you can easily share and compare your results with other malls located in the city centre, with your entire organisation or your community.


Without benchmark insights your results don't really tell you much. You don't know if they are acceptable or if they need to be improved.

11. The safest and most secure people counter on the market

Indivd's people counter is the only one on the market that is approved by the Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection for use in physical stores. We are the only European supplier who is GDPR prepared with focus on IT security, audits and anonymisation.

12. Future-proof

All the above means you have a future-proof solution based on ethical cutting-edge technology.

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