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Communities - The next big leap forward for people counters

Today, large parts of the brick-and-mortar businesses have already jointed different types of communities. However, today there is a lacking engagement arising from the lack of tools needed to be efficient and profitable.


City centres have forums where the local shops participate together with an organisation linked to the municipality. They have a common purpose to create a more vibrant city centre.


Malls collaborate with the stores in the mall to make the mall more relevant, attractive, and profitable. Individual stores within retake chains collaborate across a geographical area such as a city or region. There are also more decentralised communities where individual stores or malls operate in forums.


The fact that physical shops get organised in communities is completely natural and efficient. The aim of these communities is to work to solve their common challenges.


Today's communities lack

  1. A place where each individual store can take part of all insights for their community
  2. An understanding for how many visitors this community has over time
  3. Insights about which strategies are particularly profitable or effective
  4. An understanding of what works and what doesn't
  5. Graphs showing how big a proportion a particular store has of the total population

What is Indivd Community

Indivd Community is a place where users can share insights, learn successful strategies and activities, discuss shared interests, compare their results with others and gain experience from others with the same challenges and similar conditions as you. 


It can be about the number of visitors, the type of visitors and what the customer journeys look like at different points in time. All in all, it helps you have more focused customer journeys and customer offers and thereby improve your profitability. 


You can either join a public community, be invited to a private community, or create your own community for your city centre, mall, retail chain or for your vertical, for example Clothing Stores.


You can then customise the group's privacy settings depending on who you will allow to join and view the group. All data in public communities is always completely anonymous.


Community manager

Indivd Community can either be moderated or operate without a moderator. The difference is that a moderated community has a Community Manager who manages and broadens one's community.


A community manager can be a member of your community, such as a store manager in a retail chain or a mall manager in a mall or shopping centre. A community manager can also be an external party, for example a City Centre developer responsible for a particular city centre.


What do I need to become a member?

All you need is a people counter from Indivd.

Indivd Community strengthens our city centres

Stores in the city centre already collaborate today because they work under similar conditions, opportunities, and challenges. They have access to the same customer groups visiting the city centre and they codependent on each other.


Increased insights benefit everyone in the city centre - shops, restaurants, cafés, entertainment venues and hotels. A better understanding of the visitors to the city centre creates better opportunities to attract more visitors. Individ helps strengthening affiliations and collaborations in the city center.

Indivd Community improves stores and malls

Indivd Community is a great tools for malls and retail chains, where several stores within the same chain often are located in similar areas and otherwise have similar conditions but still show different performances.


By collaborating in the region or within the retail chain, they can learn from each other when it comes to strategy design. Indivd can use Community to connect stores digitally for benchmarking and better understanding of common issues.


It is up to the chain and the stores themselves to create their own community with the purpose of strengthening each other by taking advantage of each other's knowledge and skills. The competition is generally not present in the own trading place, but online or from other trading places.

Indivd Community has the answer to many hard questions

  • How well does my store perform compared to other similar stores?
  • What average conversion rate does other shops in similar situations have on and offline?
  • What conversion rate should I expect?
  • What results can I expect from my online marketing?
  • How much time do the customers spend in other shops compared to mine?
  • How much time can I expect they spend in my shop?

The list - and the answers - to the questions you can and should ask yourself is almost endless. You decide which questions you want to ask - and which questions are important for you to get answered.

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