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Indivd's people counter gets support from leading attorneys

Indivd's new and unique solution people counting and analysis of store visitors has been audited and is now supported by Baker McKenzie, one of the world's leading law firms, which on behalf of Indivd, has analyzed the solution.

The startup company Indivd has developed a unique solution that, with the help of AI technology, offers a unique understanding and insight into the behaviors of visitors and customers in physical stores. The patent-pending technology provides valuable insights without processing biometric data, storing personal data, or revealing the identity of visitors.


- The process for assessing how the technology relates to GDPR has taken nine months, a process that we have carefully prepared ourselves for the last 2-3 years. A process that includes research and patent-pending a new technology. Creating a people counter that does not process biometric data or store personal data has been hugely challenging. But a high level of privacy protection is something that we believe is crucial to being able to make new technological advances within the framework of today's and tomorrow's tough and necessary legislation. New and appropriate technologies are really needed to promote an efficient shopping experience in physical stores and to counter the challenges in retail, says Fredrik Hammargården, co-founder Indivd.


The latest in AI

The technology uses the latest in AI and statistics to ensure that visitors are anonymous, entirely in accordance with EU guidelines.


- It is impossible to use the data from this technology to obtain information about a particular individual or to do targeted marketing. On the other hand, anonymized data can be used to create lots of statistics, which in the long run leads to better shopping experiences for the customers, says Fredrik Hammargården.


Indivds technology is legal

Several test pilot is now underway which is why Indivd has hired Baker McKenzie, one of the world's leading law firms, and IBM Security, one of the world's leading cyber security consulting firms, to audit the technology and to ensure that Indivd complies with GDPR.


Baker McKenzie's conclusion is that the processing, based on GDPR's tough requirements, is legal.


- Our opinion is that the result benefits the physical persons provided that correct analyzes are made and that the correct conclusions are drawn from the data used for the statistics. Indivd has been very keen on taking steps to ensure the anonymization of personal data. Our view is that this technology promotes the protection of visitors' personal privacy.


Some stores use traditional people counters and manual surveys and analyzes of customers, which actually means a greater infringement of privacy compared to Indivd's processing, says Jennie Nilsson, Head of Data Privacy and IT.

Nyheter 10 jun 2022

Indivd breddar nu sin patentportfölj som även omfattar själva analysen av anonymiserad populationsdata.

Nyheter 10 jun 2022

Indivd vann pris i finalen av Business Challenge. Business Challenge är en svensk tävling för landets mest intressanta start-ups.

Nyheter 10 jun 2022

IBM Sverige har valt att genomföra en av sina största startup-satsningar någonsin i Indivd, som utvecklar träffsäkra insikter till detaljhandeln

Nyheter 10 jun 2022

Fredrik Hammargården från Indivd talar Breakits stora seminarium om Techtrender 2020. Han deltar i en paneldebatt med bland annat Paulina Modlitba.