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”Access to valuable data which is not personal data will be crucial”


Fredrik Hammargården from Indivd spoke at the large seminar on Techtrends for 2020, hosted by Breakit and Kindred. He participated in a panel debate together with the Camilla Björkman, CEO at Breakit, the digitization expert Paulina Modlitba, Carolin Solskär,  IT-woman of the Year, and Sören Thörnlund from Kindred.


Fredrik Hammargården is invited as an expert on digitalization in retail and the trends he talked about was the strong counter-movement that is currently being built up internationally for the right of privacy and as a defense of our democracies. Developments in China cast a dark shadow on the development in the rest of the world as well.


- It’s about the usage of new techniques for people counting and other techniques for use of biometric- and personal data that are strongly criticized and questioned. But the privacy movement, which is receiving increasing support from international law, includes all the privacy infringements that take place in the physical world and online, says Fredrik Hammargården.


"2020 is going to be an exciting year"

- It is important that society supports alternative technologies that exist and are emerging. Technologies that achieve the same purpose and goals as the traditional ones, but this without disturbing or violating integrity. Sweden could, with the right support, become a technological hub for privacy innovations, says Fredrik Hammargården, whose company Indivd have created a new type of people counting that does not process biometric data or stores personal data. A people counting solution that protects privacy for individuals.


- GDPR is great, the only problem is that GDPR also makes it difficult for new smaller companies with revolutionary alternative technologies to survive and grow, says Fredrik Hammargården and continues:


- We are living in an information society, where data and acquired knowledge from data are the noblest assets of modern companies. Access to valuable data, which is not personal data or violating privacy, will be crucial to the rise or fall of future companies.


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