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Target group analyses in shops and sites - Easier than you may think

Many stores and sites today make large investments to satisfy their customers, without having insights about their real opinions. This can lead to risky investments with low profitability.


A target group analysis gives stores and sites confidence that they interpret their insights correctly, that they follow relevant trends, ensure the right product range for a store and the right mix of stores in a mall. And further to that, they understand how different target groups visit different sections of a shop/mall, how they can optimise their customer experience, and understand how accurate their online marketing is.

What is a target group analysis?

A target group analysis provides increased awareness about your customers' needs, desires, and motivations. Increased awareness allows you to create more accurate, relevant, and exciting customer experiences.


Working with target groups is an efficient way of creating a customer experience that many appreciate. We are all different and the result of marketing, sales and concept development will be better if it's designed for one or several target groups.


Most market analyses as well as marketing and sales strategies are already developed based on target groups.


Compared to e-commerce, however, it has always been much more complicated to get that understanding when it comes to physical stores and sites.

Why do shops and sites need to perform target group analyses?

  1. To ensure you interpret your insights correctly. An average of a total population can be skewed, large parts of your results can be represented by a small proportion of your entire target group. A large part of your results may even be represented by a target group that you're not focused on.

  2. To monitor relevant trends and tendencies. When you are focused on serving your customers, it's easy to miss that the interest from part of your target group is falling.

  3. To ensure the product mix for a shop, or the mix of shops in a mall, is relevant for your customers. When you understand the customer journey and how target groups move around in your shop/mall, then it's easy to understand the relevance of your customer experience and which part of the customer journey is of interest to different target groups.

  4. To be aware of how different target groups visit different parts of your customer experience. The reason a particular product does not sell well, could be its display area in the shop, meaning the customers walking past it are not from the right target group.

  5. To understand how accurate your online marketing is for your shop/mall, but also to understand how your marketing can attract a larger part of a certain target group. You can assess the ROI of your online marketing by comparing how many people from a certain target group you reach online, against how many people from a target group that visit your physical store to buy products within the same product area.

  6. To understand how big a proportion of your community/-ies you reach, and to understand if your results and your share are good results, or if you should expect a different result.

How does Indivd's target group analysis work?

Indivd's target group analysis is a way for store/mall operators to understand their customers' behaviours better. The analysis and our people counters combined, is the foundation for improvement of the customer experience.


Our people counter provides an understanding of how many people visit your store/mall. The added value of the target group analysis is the insights to the gender and age distribution among the people.


Target group analyses adds more insights to your dashboard and gives you the opportunity to use the analyses for segmentation.


The target group analysis is as simple to install as our people counters and can be installed in 3-5 working days from order.

Target group analysis and GDPR

Indivd is the first and only supplier of people counters that has been assessed and approved by the Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection.


Data Protection by Design forms part of our basic humanitarian purpose and our sustainability goals. All our development activities are based on Ethic Technology Development with Zero Tolerance against Privacy Violations.

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